The year started with producing and finishing the first 2 glass awards for Lørenskog municipal. After delivering the awards, my focus was a large cast named “Glacier`s End” made during my artist in residency stay at S12. I grinded and polished the glass by hand tools in order to have it ready for photos for an application for the Annual exhibition with the Norwegian Arts and crafts association to be shown at the new National Museum in Oslo.

In May I went to Poland to attend a group exhibition and artist talk for “I&WE” curated by Mika Drozdowska in SIC! gallery BWA in Wroclaw. First time in Poland and what a lovely country and people!!

After returning I welcomed an assistant to come and work with me and she had an artist in residency at my studio during the Summer.
Together we casted and grinded and reorganized my workshop. Finally got my Rociptorlap grinding machine set up.

In September I participated in the group exhibition “I&WE” in Rona Museum of Glass, Lednicke Rovne, Slovakia. And simultaneously joined a group exhibition for the local art organization in my hometown at Lørenskog Hus.

In October my collected work “Revelations” is displayed at the exhibition “Gjenfortryllet” at Nordenfjeldske National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Trondheim, Norway.

And hurray!! My work “Glacier`s End” was selected and will be shown at the National Museum in Oslo!
The exhibition is the Annual Crafts Exhibition by the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts (NK). I will also host a workshop and artist talk together with the art groups Plot and PTAB in November and December at the National Museum.


The first commission of this year was for UD/the Norwegian Foreign ministry who asked for two sculptures meant for The Norwegian Embassy in Moscow, Russia. The intention for the purchase was that my work hopefully could work as “ice breakers” in political discussion around themes such as climate challenges. They were to be shipped off in March, but due to the war in Ukraine, they reached their destination in August.
During the spring I was lucky to be selected for an artist in residency stay at S12 in Bergen. I worked in Bergen with casting of glass over plaster forms. After long annealing, the castings were shipped to me so I could do the coldwork in my own studio.

In May my work was presented in a group exhibition “I&WE” curated by Dominika Drozdowska and shown during the Summer at S12 Gallery in Bergen, Norway.
Simultaneously I have been preparing for a solo exhibition in an old Gunpowder house from the 16th century and my exhibition “Beauty in the Beast” was displayed in August and September at Blaker Skanse in Norway.
I was asked to design and produce 5 glass awards/Cultural prizes for Lørenskog municipal in October. The rest of 2022 was spent on this assignment. I love such orders where I am free in the creative design process and presented models and suggestions to the board, which decided to go with a wheel in blue and black glass where the municipal coat of arms was integrated.


The beginning of the year started with a dream come true, to make a large «Unique» for Viking Cruise line. Finally, after having a large wax form in my studio for some years, I could finish it and send it for casting in Czech Republic. As it would weigh 250 kilos, I realized this would be too heavy for me alone and made a collaboration with a Czech foundry. Covid made it difficult to travel, but I managed to go to Czech and discuss the grinding after it was casted, but conference calls had to replace my presents until it arrived in Norway.

In December it was mounted on Viking Octantis and will sail the seven seas. I am utterly grateful that its journey continues. Antarctica will be «Unique Octantis» first destination 

Almost 600 children from the 5th grades in Lørenskog, attended «Art-treasure hunt» at Lørenskog culture house, where I for 1 month worked as an Art consultant for DKS. It was wonderful to work with the children again, after society being locked down for so long.

The periods with partly lockdown, I was glad to prepare my mobile workshop at home.

Nordenfjeldske, National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Norway contacted me and purchased «Unique Revelations» for their collection.


Covid 19 made a huge impact on us all in 2020, and for me the planned exhibitions, Gas seminar and activities, were cancelled. As my two daughters had home-school, it became difficult to be productive from my workshop with the commuting and trying to be part time teacher at the same time. I therefore applied for Corona support in my home commune and was lucky to get my project supported. I purchased a mobile workshop module and placed it at home to be able to work more from home when needed.

In September my dear mother passed away after 10 months with cancer treatment, and due to all Covid restrictions, it was a difficult time and a deep grief that hit me in the end of 2020.


December 2019, another trip to China was made, this time to attend the 4th China- Heijan industrial Glass Design Innovation Competition displaying two glass sculptures, «Unique Shimmer and Shine», which were purchased by Hejian City Museum. I received the Excellent Work Award.

My work was selected for the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale in the Chinese National Museum in Beijing, and I attended the opening ceremony and symposium in September. ”Unique Blue” was displayed and purchased by the Committee. I attended the seminar “A colourful future”.

During Summer my works were displayed at «BRAVO» at Kunsthåndverkerne i Kongensgate in Oslo. I was invited as a Guest-exhibitor with Karen Klim, and we held an artist talk led by Vidar Koksvik. The sculpture «Unique Mist» was purchased by KODE Museum in Bergen.

In Spring my works were displayed at «Collect» with Vessel Gallery at the International Art fair for Modern Craft and Design, Saatchi Gallery, London, United Kingdom. It was an honour to be among the 20 selected artist celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Vessel Gallery.

Almost 600 children from the 5th grades in Lørenskog, attend “Art-treasure hunt” at Lørenskog cultural house, where I for 1 month work as an Art consultant for DKS.

In the beginning of 2019, I attended the yearly sculpture workshop with Eli Benveniste at Bornholm Art Museum in Denmark. Making new clay sculptures to be cast in glass. Being in these surroundings, has been my yearly blessing for many years, and this gives time and place to create.

August-September: Beijing International Art Biennale, Republic of China
April-June: Exhibition with Karen Klim at Kunsthåndverkerne i Kongensgate, Oslo, Norway
March: Sculpture workshop with Eli Benveniste, Bornholms Kunstmuseum/Art museum, Denmark
February: Collect with Vessel Gallery, International Art fair for Modern Craft and Design, Saatchi Gallery London, United Kingdom


“Handmade-Scandinavian Glass starting all over” The Glass Factory, Boda (Sweden), Glasmuseet Ebeltoft (Denmark) and The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimâki (Finland); touring group exhibition


“Handmade-Scandinavian Glass starting all over” The Glass Factory, Boda(SE), Glasmuseet Ebeltoft (DK) and The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimâki (FI). touring group exhibition


Solo show at Gallery Format, «Arctic Explorations», Oslo, Norway
Sculptures for Viking Sun Cruise line
“Modern Masters”, International trade fair, Gallerie Handwerk, Munich, Germany
Sculpture workshop with Eli Benveniste, Bornholms Kunstmuseum/Art museum, Denmark


Sculpture workshop with Eli Benveniste, Bornholms Kunstmuseum/Art museum, Denmark
Participated at «The Arctic Circle 2016»; an art and science expedition out from Svalbard/the High Arctic on a three-mastered tall ship.


Participated and gave an artist talk at the SOFA Fair in Chicago with Gallery Format.
The official opening of my Glass-studio and workshop in Norway; the 31th of October.
Jury member at Stanislav Libensky Award 2015, Prague/Czeck Republik
GLASS 2015, group exhibition at Gallery Ten in Edinburgh, Scotland
Collect London: My glass sculptures were displayed at the stand of Gallery Format Oslo. Participation at The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects; the fair brings together the world’s finest galleries where they represent from their portifolio of artists exceptional work of museum-quality. The fair took place at the Saatchi Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
Member of BRUDD, a great network with collegaes within arts and crafts in Oslo, Norway.
Sculpture workshop with Eli Benveniste, Bornholms Kunstmuseum/Art museum, Denmark


After many years abroad I returned to Norway. Transporting my coldwork equipment such as kilns and grinding machines in a big truck from Denmark to Norway. I´m setting up my glass-studio and workshop at KunstSkansen, 50 minutes drive outside Oslo.
My glass sculptures are participating in exhibitions in Germany, Denmark and Norway
Separate exhibition (Unique/Blackroom) at Grønbechs Gård, Denmark
Galleri Format, «Norwegian Glass Now», Oslo, Norway
S12, «Young and loving» , Bergen, Norway
European Museum of Modern Glass, “The Coburg Prize for contemporary glass 2014”, Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg, Germany. I am honored and glad “Unique Frost” and “Unique Frozen Galaxy” were selected by the jury of the Coburg Glass Prize 2014 exhibition
Grønbechs Gård, Hasle Denmark, «ACAB Arts and Crafts Association Bornholm», Denmark
Group exhibition, «Arts and Crafts Association Bornholm», at Eunique 2014, Germany
Sculpture workshop with Eli Benveniste, Bornholms Kunstmuseum/Art museum, Denmark


Workshop manager at Bright Park Bornholm, the glass-studio.