Unique is a series of individual glass works that stand alone yet relate to each other. My inspiration comes from the ocean and the nature of water, the transformation from flowing liquid to solid ice.

Glass as a material has these same qualities. I have tried to illustrate my fascination of water with my glass works. Like ice, the form can be sharp and hard.

The inner forms of the works are shaped to illustrate organic movement, frozen in time and space. At a time when everything happens at a rapid pace, I find it interesting to freeze the moment  in my works titled “Unique”.

I am fascinated by contrasts in life, and try to bring contrasts into my work with glass.

Unique is made from the lost-wax casting technique. I have polished the pieces by hand, so the optical qualities of the glass can reveal the inner form. Cast Glass, 35x20x10cm. 2 parts, top to vessel 5,4 kg. Vessel 6,6 kg Total weight: 12 kg